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Hi! I’m Matthew (aka hyp3rstrike), and I’m an Australian Content Creator streaming part-time for the Down Under Team.

The Blog


My Streaming Setup

Lately I’ve been getting a number of people asking me to link part of my Streaming setup. Over the last year or so, I’ve slowly upgraded things on a piece by piece basis to enhance Read more…


Changes to Streaming Schedule

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing fantastic! After some consideration, and reviewing previous streams on my current schedule, I’ve decided to change my current streaming schedule and make some adjustments to the times in Read more…


14/9 Stream: No Mans Sky

We’re taking a small break from Destiny 2 tonight, and we’ll be checking out No Man’s Sky on PS4. The game has received some significant updates recently which are said to improve the game considerably, Read more…


Welcome to!

Howdy everyone, and welcome to! I’ve setup this website and domain for use with my various Twitch-streaming related ventures such as my own channel, but also TwitchAdelaide updates, local streamer highlights and more. Short Read more…