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Subscribe and support the channel!

Becoming a Subscriber is a great way to help support myself as a content creator and the stream, so that it can continue to grow and improve. Being a subscriber is more than just a monetary support factor. You become part of the stream family, and get a few perks as part of that membership.

Subscriber Perks

You get some wicked cool perks, regardless of the sub-tier you're on.

Support the stream

Subscribing provides me with the ability to do cool things for the channel like giveaways, improve the stream, and host game servers!

Subscriber Emotes

You'll get access to my subscriber emotes on Twitch and Discord. The higher the tier, the more emotes you get.

Subscriber Only Servers

Subscriptions of any tier gain access to my sub-only Minecraft and 7 Days to Die dedicated game servers. Your subscription also includes a "plus one" invite!

Free Stream Overlay

Subscribers of any tier are able to claim one FREE custom stream overlay design made by me! I'll work with you to perfect it!

Sub Discord Channels

You've got your regular Discord channels, and then you've got your super secret sub-only Discord voice and chat channels!

Sub-only Giveaways

Occasionally I'll host a giveaway where only subscribers are eligible to win (not even my moderators)! Win anything from game keys, to custom merch.

Request Songs

As a subscriber, you'll gain access to the !songrequest and !sr commands to request music during streams. Think of it like a jukebox.

Get the Sub Chat Flair!

You'll get no ads when watching the stream, and a fancy badge to show you're one of the cool kids.

Current Subscribers

Here are all the awesome people who are subscribed to the channel!
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