Time for a fresh start

Take a wild guess as to which idiot locked himself out of his previous WordPress installation?

If you’re pointing your finger squarely in my direction, laughing like Nelson from The Simpsons — you’d be completely on the mark. If you didn’t, then there’s one rule of thumb you should learn: if something has gone wrong, it’s usually my fault.

So instead of attempting to recover the install, I decided to nuke it and start fresh. It had been about four years since I installed it on my domain back when I registered it. There wasn’t really anything of value there, and anything that was there is now irrelevant thanks to the passing of time.

I still make no promises about writing more often here, even with the fresh coat of paint on the blog. But at least I can try to write more frequently without that looming post date hanging over my head.

Anyway, welcome to Version Whatever it is up to now™ of the blog. Stick around if you want.

Article written by hyp3rstrike

I'm an idiot with ADHD who used to Twitch a lot, but then I got better.

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