Twenty Eighteen: A Year In Review

At the end of the year, I generally open my blog to write some sort of post reflecting on the previous twelve months. I get half-way through writing it and save it to continue later, for me to forget completely until after new year passes and the point of it becomes… well, pointless.

We’re coming to a close on 2018, and it been a really, really fucking weird year for me. I’ve had some good parts, some really shitty parts, and moments that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. As my memory is terrible most of the time, I’m not going to list every moment, but the ones that stick out enough for me to remember them.

5. I raised $1000 for Starlight Children’s Foundation

This is definitely one of my proudest moments of 2018.

Early in the year, I raised a total of $1,076.66 AUD for the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Australia as part of the EB Games Starlight week. I streamed for 12 hours and played a variety of different games, having a lot of fun in the process. As you’d imagine, I’d pretty well lost my voice from all that yelling and going to work the following day was a challenge but ending the day on such a high, having smashed my original goal by over double the amount was the best feeling.

For raising that amount of money, I coloured my hair green and purple (it was more like teal and purple, due to the dye). The looks I got from everyone at work was pretty funny.

4. Working with Hutt St Centre for a Twitch Adelaide charity campaign

In the first week of August, after months of planning, the Twitch Adelaide leadership team and I put together a massive local campaign to raise money for the Hutt St Centre, an organization that provides vital services to Adelaide’s vulnerable residents experiencing homelessness

The members of the Twitch Adelaide community came together for the entire week and streamed their hearts out to raise money for the Hutt St Centre, totaling to a whopping $6,197.60 between 23 participating content creators. It’s a massive result, and the biggest part for me was the organising and watching everyone come together to lend a hand. So good.

3. The foundation of Team OCE

Possibly one of the most anxiety-attack filled weeks of this year (November on the whole was absolutely crazy) but I’m glad everything has calmed down.

Team OCE was founded by myself, and other members of a previous Twitch community team that wanted to keep things together, which has flourished and created an environment where everyone is genuinely supportive of each other where they wake up and are excited to say good morning, sharing the host/raid love on Twitch, and just being good people.

Myself, and the members of the leadership have gained valuable glimpse into what is involved with running an organization like that. It’s daunting but also rewarding on a personal level.

Proud of everything that everyone has built in the short time that it’s been around. Everyone in that group is like a second family.

2. Highest attendance at a Twitch Adelaide event smashed

Adelaide is a small-ish city, which is why you’re incredibly likely to bump into someone who knows a guy who knows you.

The Twitch Adelaide community is another example of a group that I’m really proud of. When I first started the meetups in 2017, we had roughly 20 people show up to our first meetup at the Pancake Kitchen. For the community of our size at the time, this was a great turnout.

We’ve slowly grown in attendance numbers for each subsequent meetup organised, smashing the record at 92 people in September at the West Oak Hotel. For a city that is often viewed as the backwater part of Australia, with “hardly any streamers”, we’ve done really, really well.

Much of it wouldn’t be possible without @RubeePlays’ eager-to-help and positive attitude. She put her hand up to help run things and has grown so much since I’ve know her. @Little_Arty has been a star since joining the leadership team, helping out as Adelaide’s smallest event bouncer, promotional manager, and Hype Conductor. Love them both to bits.

1. I Got Married

For thirteen years, I’ve been with an amazing woman who has put up with my shit, supported me through some really shitty times, and has been my rock.

On the last day of high school (yes, that long ago), we got together for the second time and have been together since. Two years ago, I asked her to marry me in the most unconventional way – at 4AM, rolling over and saying “hey, marry me?” and her saying “sure”. I’m such a romantic – but it provided an element of comedy that we’ve grown custom to giving each other.

Together, we finish each other’s sentences, share the same humour, and like (most) of the same things. In some ways, it’s like someone copypasta’d a template and just changed the genders.

But yeah, this is number one on my list of things to happen to me this year. Seeing her walk in with the biggest smile on her face, reading her vows (to quote my groomsmaid, “She looked so fucking happy”) was the best moment of my 2018.

Then we decided to go get KFC and feel sick before the reception. Good times!

That’s it. That was my 2018.

Hope it was a good read. I’ve been trying to write this up between calls at work but always end up closing the tab.

Bring on 2019.