Guess who’s now a @Humble Partner? This guy.

You might have seen my Tweet about it, which I then shared to Facebook, Discord, and your mum.

As of today, I have been accepted into the Humble Bundle Partnership program. I’m very excited for this, as I’ve been buying things from Humble since way back in 2010 – everything from Android bundles, Steam game bundles etc, all while supporting the developers and charity.

What does being a Humble Partner mean, though?

In short, I’ll be encouraging people to check out the latest Humble offerings for all of their services via my own unique referral link. Those who use the referral link and make a purchase not only get the product they purchase directly from Humble – as the referring partner, I’ll also get a small referral bonus, as well as a contribution to give to my charity of choice, for which I’ve chosen Childs Play.

I’ll have links for each of the Humble services, such as their bundles, monthly subscriptions etc, so you’ll be covered with at each point in helping the charities with my referral.

Current Referral Links

Humble Bundle:

Humble Monthly:

Humble Comics:

Humble Hope For Orphan Bundle:

Humble “Work it Out” Bundle:

Humble Staff Picks:

Humble Python Coding Bundle:

What do you plan to do with your referral bonus?

Same thing I’ve always done. Put it towards the stream in some capacity, whether that be new equipment for increased production value, new games to stream or giveaway, or towards the cost of subscriber servers etc. I earn enough in my dayjob to live, so whatever I earn from streaming goes back into streaming.

Exciting times, guys. I’ll continue to hunt for more partners, and sponsors to help bring you guys the best goodies for being part of my community.

Love you all.