Discord vs Twitch App

What’s up, guys? I hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve got a question to ask because I simply cannot make up my mind about this. If given the choice, what wold you prefer to use for the #HYP3RCLUB community?: Discord or the Twitch App?

I can’t make up my mind because each has an equal amount of pros and cons, and what I’d like to achieve is to build a centralised community for the stream both on and off air, that’s easy to access for everyone and not just mods or subscribers. Followers, non-followers, subs, mods, myself — I want it to be a place we can all hangout and enjoy each other’s company. The problem is that one of the two apps handles half of what’s needed to achieve that, while the other handles the other half. I’ll explain what I mean.

Discord is easily the most established of the two. It’s been around longer than Curse/Twitch has been providing their Desktop App, and seemingly more people use it. However in terms of Twitch/stream integration, the native options are limited to Twitch subscriber and other solutions I’ve looked at just cut it.

Twitch Desktop handles all user ranks extremely well, with the ability to sync non-followers, followers, subs, mods from the server owner’s Twitch account. The downside to the Twitch App is that the channel roles have this weird way of syncing, and as the server owner, I don’t have the ability to manually assign roles which creates an issue for those wanting to use voice chat.

I’m sure most of you have used both, so I’ll leave my own concerns aside and see what you guys want to use.

Hit up in the comments with your preferred poison of community software.

1 thought on “Discord vs Twitch App”

  1. Okay, so straight up, I’m not a follower of much, but Hyp3r is definitely somewhere I drop in not regularly enough.

    For me, PRO for Discord – I can log in at work because they haven’t proxy blocked it (yet)

    Other than that, I have no opinion and no real value as a non-follower.

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