Streamer Spotlight: November 2017

What’s up, everyone? I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m going to start a new blog post series here on that aims to shine a spotlight on some cool, interesting, and awesome streamers on Twitch. Each month I’m going to pick five streamers (or more where warranted) to give a bit of a shout out to right here on my blog.

The idea behind this is to just give people a bit of a boost in terms of morale, confidence, and enthusiasm for their streaming as my way of giving back to the community.

Without further ado, here are my five streamer picks for the month.


This guy is an absolute champ, and the reason I’m mentioning him first. He’s positive, upbeat, and incredibly supportive of other streamers, and is the leader of the #FatCrew.

PS2 as he’s known among those he hangs with, frequently bounces around different channels that are live on Twitch, saying hi and offering encouraging words to the streamer like “keep up the good work” and so on. Just an all round top bloke, really.


Loki is another passionate member of the Twitch streaming community, and a prime example of how dedication and consistency will lead to becoming a successful streamer.

Despite having started a new job last year that will often see Loki out on the road for long periods of time, he dedicates whatever spare time he has at home to streaming, keeping that momentum going and building his fanbase. He also does the ol’ channel hop, helping smaller streamers with advice and encouraging words.


Another bright flame of positivity is RubeePlays. Full of sass and baked goods, her streams are always a delight to watch as she is always full of energy. She also dedicates her time to help run the local TwitchAdelaide Meetups community along with myself.


Raptor is possibly one of the biggest nerds of video games I’ve ever met. Whenever we get into conversations, he’s always passionate about what he’s talking about, and he continues this trend on stream.

Give him a topic to talk about, and he’ll be able to tell you pretty much everything he knows about it (which is far too much for any normal human… do reptiles store more information than humans?).

He’s newer to the streaming scene, but is keeping the momentum going through consistency and dedication. Go chuck him a follow and make his day.


SecondStar (or Sora), always goes to the effort of making his streams interesting. More often than not when I’ve popped into his channel, he’s all dragged up for the entertainment of his viewers — which makes me feel less awkward when I tried it a few months back.

He likes to play Destiny to the point of Obsession, and some classics like Kingdom Hearts. Go give him a follow!

If there is someone you think I should check out that deserves a mention, sound off in the comments below!