My Streaming Setup

Lately I’ve been getting a number of people asking me to link part of my Streaming setup. Over the last year or so, I’ve slowly upgraded things on a piece by piece basis to enhance the overall production quality of my streams.

So rather than finding the exact link of where I bought what, and sending it on, I figured I’d use my blog for a change and write it all up here.

Gaming & Streaming PC

Some streamers use an auxiliary PC to do the bulk of their encoding before sending that information on to Twitch. However, I do it all from the same unit.

Arguably, doing it from a second PC means your actual rig is able to dedicate more resources to your game, or your stream PC is able to dedicate more resources towards quality. I don’t have the room in the studio, so I’ve upgraded my PC to do both functions.

Streaming Specific Equipment

If you’re interested in what I use for my streaming equipment, you’ll find that below. I’ve kept this separate to the main rig components because I generally only use the following for streaming or content production.

Any questions about these, leave me a comment and I’ll answer in due course.