Reminder that @TwitchAdelaide Meetup II has been rescheduled

Howdy everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Just wanted to quickly remind everyone that the @TwitchAdelaide Meetup II event that was slated for this Friday night to coincide with the AVCON2017 Opening Ceremony has been rescheduled due to insufficient numbers.

When the event was initially planned, I created a poll to see what people thought. It was voted that the meetup should coincide with AVCON, however the RSVP numbers didn’t match it as a number of our community members had commitments with the convention itself – which is totally fine.

I’m looking to reschedule the event for two weeks beyond the AVCON weekend, so at this stage we’re looking at August 5th or August 6th for the new proposed date. Pubhangs will still be a thing for those interested on Friday, but it won’t be under an official TwitchAdelaide capacity.

Now, as to a venue for the next TwitchAdelaide Meet – I’m thinking possibly Coopers Alehouse in the City, or we could do Pancake Kitchen again. Sound off in the comments if you’ve got a preference or have an alternate suggestion!

3 thoughts on “Reminder that @TwitchAdelaide Meetup II has been rescheduled”

  1. I’ll be in the middle of my 2 weeks leave so I may actually be free.

    Alehouse sounds like a win.

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